Thursday, August 30, 2007

Commission Thunderbolt Finished

This long time project is finally finished, packed and out in the mail to Niroe. Although I started his Valkyrie first I still have that one on the table - it should also be finished this week.

Although the snow wound up a bit thicker than I had intended I'm still pleased with the base on this one. The model uses more rare earth magnets to attach to the base.

This was also the first time I'd put my trust in to decals and tried the gloss coat/decal/gloss coat/paint method that I have recommended to so many others. Turns out it works just fine... which I suppose I knew. I simply hate applying decals.

There are a lot of detail shots for this guy floating around and I'll see what I can do about putting together some better composite images.

Commission Tech Marine

Commissioned Black Templar Tech Marine that I'm pretty darn happy with. I'm going to go in and clean up the BT icons on his shoulder and knee but otherwise think that he turned out quite well.

I am especially pleased with the armour chipping and the limited rust on the exposed metal of the servo backpack. The rust was accomplished using the "Rust All" product which I'm becoming happier with the more I use it.

I'll get some better photos online the next time I break out the light box. The blending and highlighting on the red don't come through particularly well in these shots - although you can see some of it in the third photo down.

Green and blue were chosen as the split contrast colours for the red on this one. I did not, however, make any specific attempts to apply them as spot colours.