Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This guy is finally finished. I have him sealed, set aside, and ready to use with my army. He is sitting on one of the bases I made for my Black Templar army - and I've added a white casing to his bolt pistol to make him match the squad he'll attach to.

It's nice finally seeing some progress on this project. The idea that I might actually get an army on to a table in July is starting to seem like a reality. A very geeky reality.
Just about finished with this one. Of course now that I actually have a 750 point Black Templar list it turns out I'm not actually going to use him. Ah well. He has been fun to paint and I'm quite happy with the conversion.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Competition Entry: Warmachine - Skarre

This is the next competition piece for my local gaming store. This is also my first Warmachine model.

I left off the backpack skulls as I thought that they were really, really silly. The only thing I did to set this one apart otherwise was add glue to the base to simulate water.

After reading the card she comes with I really aimed for a sea witch feel. I wanted her to blend in to the ocean - with only hints of the daemonic energies that keep her afloat.

Unfortunately, once again, I have seriously under powered lights. There are six layers on the blue of her coat and no actual black. Boo hoo. I fiddled with levels (you can tell looking at the blue background) in the various shots. Someone suggested that I use the grey background instead of the blue. I'll try that and post new photos if it's an improvement.

If I understand the competition practice correctly I should know about this one in two weeks.

UPDATE: I replaced the image with a grey background version - much improved.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Product Update: Maybe

I just finished pouring silicone over my first batch of truly marketable bases. My previous bases had all used the GW plastic rounds as a starter - these use rounds I picked up from the local plastics shop.

I spent about three hours sculpting, preparing and now moulding these. Each matches a ruined temple theme: damaged 1 meter tiles and rubble. I kept them simple, clean and, I feel, dynamic without the worry of having the base distract from the miniature.

I plan on basing my Black Templar army on these bad boys...

Assuming I didn't mould them with a fatal flaw.

I won't know until tomorrow morning whether I have a new batch of bases... or simply wasted silicone.

Here's hoping....

UPDATE: All ten bases came out just fine. I have twenty cast and ready to use for my first squad of Black Templar. I'll get a photo of them up some time next week.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Still some clean-up and highlighting to do, otherwise I'm pretty pleased with this guy. Like the Marshal and Emperor's Champion he's being done to a high gaming standard so that I can get him on the table. Unlike the previous command models this one was actually quite a conversion, of course, and I hope to go back and give him some proper painting attention later.

I'll finish out the crozius with a red handle and add some more white to the skulls. I will probably also go in and add some shading to the white on his robes... but we'll see whether I do that or start in on the squads next.

All-in-all quite pleased with how the army is coming along; even if I only have three models on which to base my opinion.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Terminator Librarian - First Place!

I went back today for the monthly painting group at the local store and found out this fella had taken the win on the competition from last month... with all but one vote!

That makes him my first win and the first piece I've had in the display cabinet.

Points on which I'm told he won:

  • Flesh and character of his face

  • Freehand on the books

  • Text "LUX OCCULTA" on the bookmark

  • Source lighting on the armour

I got more feedback about how he could have used some OSL from the staff -- and, unfortunately, you can still only see the lighting effect in the first photo. Even in the light box the highlights just look like glare since that's where the light actually falls.

His right knee is still blank since I'll probably send this guy to eBay eventually and add whatever chapter badge by request.

Thanks to everyone that provided feedback.

If anyone still wants additional close-up photos just let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Black Templar Emperor's Champion - Final

The finally final version of the Emperor's Champion for my Black Templar army. This model was made using 100% off the sprue parts with no actual conversions.

Most of the bits are from the Black Templar sprues - with the exception of the chest: command sprue company champion and the legs: assault marine sprue. The base was made with cork and gravel... which I will replace when I cast my new line custom of resin bases.

Done to a high gaming standard for use in my 750 point Black Templar army. With this fella done, and the Chaplain/Reclusiarch nearing completion, I should be working on my squads in the next week or so - commissions permitting.