Saturday, June 9, 2007

Product Update: Maybe

I just finished pouring silicone over my first batch of truly marketable bases. My previous bases had all used the GW plastic rounds as a starter - these use rounds I picked up from the local plastics shop.

I spent about three hours sculpting, preparing and now moulding these. Each matches a ruined temple theme: damaged 1 meter tiles and rubble. I kept them simple, clean and, I feel, dynamic without the worry of having the base distract from the miniature.

I plan on basing my Black Templar army on these bad boys...

Assuming I didn't mould them with a fatal flaw.

I won't know until tomorrow morning whether I have a new batch of bases... or simply wasted silicone.

Here's hoping....

UPDATE: All ten bases came out just fine. I have twenty cast and ready to use for my first squad of Black Templar. I'll get a photo of them up some time next week.

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