Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tra la la, double post....

Okay, I know, you're not here to hear about Secret Weapon Miniatures. I keep a separate blog for that. But I did think you might like to know that I've launched a 10% off sale through 4-Jan-2010.

That's worth a bit of double post action, right?

Go, spend money, help me quit my day job! I promise many neat new toys if that ever happens!

Okay, back I go to working on bases for the upcoming FTW post....

From the Warp: Basing and Weathering

In the off chance that someone reading this blog doesn't already know about "++ From the Warp ++ let this stand as a long overdue plug. "From the Warp" is one of two hobby sites that I visit daily. It includes original posts from a small collection of authors, an incredible blog roll (of which I am a member), collaborative posts, a massive archive of tutorials... and more.

Come January 2010 FTW will also have a regular dose of misterjustin. I'm joining the author roll to post a monthly series on basing and weathering techniques. This will cover a variety of products and methods for weathering models and/or putting them on unique and expressive bases.

My hope is that readers will barrage me with questions and that my series will become a reflection of tutorials based on community request.

I'll post an update here when the series launches - and in the interim go check out FTW and bookmark it if you haven't already!

++ From the Warp ++

Friday, December 25, 2009

Vostroyan Army: Leman Russ A01

I have started re-painting the first tank in my old Armored Company. This allows me to recycle those tanks AND work on the techniques I'll be using on my Games Day 2010 entry... without having to improve them while painting my Forge World model.

Sorry about the shine but there's a layer of gloss on there.

I took some step-by-step photos but I've gone back and redone much of it so I'll get a new series when I settle on the process. This guy still has quite a ways to go AND WILL BE PART OF MY ARMY! This model WILL see game play.

Feedback is very welcome and I'm happy to answer any questions. Thanks in advance!

Photos of the original Armored Company can be seen in the "Armored Company" tag.

I may still sell a couple of those tanks since they don't really fit the Vostroyan army... but for now I'm glad to have finished tanks to start painting.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Competition Mini: Pedro Kantor - FINISHED

That's all she wrote. I haven't had the time here at the end that I would have liked. This means I'm leaving a few things "unfinished" on this guy. I am, however, very happy with the end result.

Final feedback is quite welcome - but I don't know that I'll be able to change anything this late in the game.

Thanks for following along. The competition will be posted next week:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Competition Mini: Pedro Kantor - Banner Edition!

The front of the banner is finished and the model is one step closer to being ready for the competition. I still need to do a few small things:

1. Touch up the tabard
2. Finish highlighting the storm bolter (which is now metallic blue)
3. Add mud to his feet
4. Paint the back of the banner

I really am happy with how this has come together even if the highlights/blending still miss the mark I was aiming for. There's nothing here for me to complain about and I think it'll make a nice showing in the competition.

Of course the prize support is being provided by Secret Weapon Miniatures... so I'm not sure what happens if I win. I might just need to send myself a gift certificate.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Competition Mini: Pedro Kantor - ONE WEEK LEFT!!!!!

What I've done:

1. Added mud to the cracked earth base
2. Re-applied the mud on the Rhino
3. Re-painted the right shoulder for a smoother blend (12 layers now)
4. Added the base colours for the metal
5. Added a blue wash to all of the white armor
6. Added a blue wash to all of the blue armor

Things I still need to do:

1. Clean up the mud in the gravel on the base
2. Re-paint the script on his leg
3. Finish the storm bolter w/ blue glazes
4. Paint the banner
5. Take your feedback into account

I know that I have more than one shade of blue on this guy - but that's the result of trying to improve my methods from section to section. That's also one of the reasons I re-painted the right shoulder; it looked VERY dark and should be the brightest.

All-in-all I'm quite pleased. It's not a Games Day model but it's certainly my best effort so far. I've spent more time on this model than anything else I've painted. The Titan will be finished in less time than this guy. Thanks to the feedback I've gotten I know what I still need to improve on and look forward to my next attempt.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Competition Mini: Pedro Kantor - The Home Stretch!

I finally feel like this guy is really starting to come together. There are plenty of things I'm not happy with - the dual zenithal lighting effects, for example - but I think it'll be a good showing for the competition.

If nothing else this model has been a real stretch for me. I know that I can create a strong model when I slow down and take my time a bit.

I would, of course, love some feedback. Don't be shy. Nitpick. Please!