Thursday, December 3, 2009

Competition Mini: Pedro Kantor - The Home Stretch!

I finally feel like this guy is really starting to come together. There are plenty of things I'm not happy with - the dual zenithal lighting effects, for example - but I think it'll be a good showing for the competition.

If nothing else this model has been a real stretch for me. I know that I can create a strong model when I slow down and take my time a bit.

I would, of course, love some feedback. Don't be shy. Nitpick. Please!


Alan said...

Ok, I realize this is close to being done. So the Helmet laruel, and crux terminatus are most likely awaiting paint, so I wont mention yeah...

I enlarged the pics to 150 and 200% and you can see a few blue brush bumps in the white laurel on the right fist, and on a purity seal on the right knee.

You might want to take a few more pictures and look at them at a higher % as I did.

I know its not much but you said to nit-pic

Karitas said...

I really like the model myself, One thing I am trying to work towards is the patience to do this kind of thing well, I beleive i havethe potential, but i finish most models in a day or two at most, and i get impatient and rush things, and god forbid one thing should go worng.. anyway I digress.

As I said I like the model a lot, personally though I'm not sold on the base, I'm trying to work out why, maybe its the lump of black plastic where the inside of a rhino should be, maybe its the "hasty" feel to the drybrushing of the gravel I dont know.

One thing i would suggest to maybe make the ground feel a little more developed is to hit it with some earth weathering poweders and white spirit, but that might be ery difficult to do now it's flocked.

Just my 2c, like the man above me said, you asked us to nit-pick :)

bG said...

He's looking very good, the highlighting is nice and well blended (from what can be seen in the picture).

However, he doesn't match to the base at all I'm afraid. The painting methods are so different that it looks very obvious that he has just been plonked down onto it. You could perhaps get away with it if it was just the ground level, but with the rhino side on there, it seems out of place that there isn't a similar level of painting on the base. (Being very critical but its meant to be a help - I know I couldn't produce a model that nice).

It is really good, the model alone without the base is absolutely stunning.

misterjustin said...

Awesome feedback - thanks everyone!

@Alan - I'm looking at the laurel on the right fist and the blue you're seeing might be the space between the laurel and the icon fist. I painted that space blue to add contrast between the power fist and the icon. Of course I'm going to repaint all of the grey/white metal anyway....

@Karitas: Patience is the big issue. I used to laugh when I saw someone say they spent HOURS on a helmet. Now I understand and it's SO HARD TO SLOW DOWN! But the payoff is worth it.

As for the base it's not finished yet. Not by far, actually. The spot where Pedro stands will get powders and grass. Right now it's just a crackle effect paint - for broken mud - and a wash. It's really glossy too. The gravel will get some attention too. No worries there.

@bg: See the above :)

So right now it looks like most of the criticism is on the base. That's my next stop then. I'll get more work done on that base and post an update.

Thank you all for the critical feedback. I really do appreciate it.