Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From the Warp: Basing and Weathering

In the off chance that someone reading this blog doesn't already know about "++ From the Warp ++ let this stand as a long overdue plug. "From the Warp" is one of two hobby sites that I visit daily. It includes original posts from a small collection of authors, an incredible blog roll (of which I am a member), collaborative posts, a massive archive of tutorials... and more.

Come January 2010 FTW will also have a regular dose of misterjustin. I'm joining the author roll to post a monthly series on basing and weathering techniques. This will cover a variety of products and methods for weathering models and/or putting them on unique and expressive bases.

My hope is that readers will barrage me with questions and that my series will become a reflection of tutorials based on community request.

I'll post an update here when the series launches - and in the interim go check out FTW and bookmark it if you haven't already!

++ From the Warp ++

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pangloss said...

yay. really looking forward to this series for inspiration