Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I got a lot of feedback on this guy when I posted him to a couple of servers and this prompted a number of changes:

  • Replaced the sculpted chain with actual chain

  • Added the skull and shield to the chain

  • Replaced the off sized arm on the crozius

  • Resculpted the decoration on the left leg

  • Sculpted TEMPLAR on to the right pauldron

  • Resculpted left hand to be closed instead of pointing

  • Modeled with magnetic backpacks in place

I'm quite pleased with the changes for the most part - but now I can't decide whether or not he needs any additional purity/crusade seals. I am particularly ambivalent about the ones I had on his neck. I like the idea of adding long flowing seals, like vestments for this chaplain, but do have to agree that the last round was overkill.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Black Templar Chaplain/Reclusiarch conversion

Playing with conversions today and got this guy to a point I'm happy with. There's still some greenstuff work to come -- going to give him vestments and do something on his legs.

No backpack on him at the moment as I will make it magnetic so I can swap those with the Marshal. He'll wind up being able to use one of the jump packs or the BT backpack.

This fella also took with him a big chunk of my thumb and left a long gash in one of my fingers. Everying people tell you about appropriate use of sharp craft blades is true. Go figure.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Commissioned Forgeworld Valkyrie

This model had been the bane of my existence thanks to a 2mm gap that I couldn't get rid of. Problem finally solved I've gotten the model together and finally started to be able to show some progress.

There's still a long way to go - including a simple display base - but I'm glad to be working on it again. For awhile it simply made me cry.

Commissioned Daemonhunter Chimeras

A pair of Tier 1 Chimeras to match a Daemonhunter army. These bad boys will transport the Stormtroopers in CancerMan's (Relic forum) army.

The freehand was added when the project came in under the allotted time. Overall I'm quite pleased and got the green light today.

WFB Project - Capasus Conversion

I've started in on a WFB conversion project - creating a pegasus captain, a Capasus (hey, I don't make this stuff up), based on the Empire General model. This one will have magnetic arms in the same fashion as the Empire General I did awhile back.

At this point the model includes pins in both legs 1/4" in to the leg and 1" in to the base. After I finish the conversion I will glue the model in place and add a weight for additional stability. I will also add rock, sand and vegetation to the base for additional depth.

This has been a fantastic break from my other current projects as I don't do much Warhammer Fantasy. It has also been nice to have a conversion to work on when I'm too tired to paint.

More on this one as other projects start to wrap up.