Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I got a lot of feedback on this guy when I posted him to a couple of servers and this prompted a number of changes:

  • Replaced the sculpted chain with actual chain

  • Added the skull and shield to the chain

  • Replaced the off sized arm on the crozius

  • Resculpted the decoration on the left leg

  • Sculpted TEMPLAR on to the right pauldron

  • Resculpted left hand to be closed instead of pointing

  • Modeled with magnetic backpacks in place

I'm quite pleased with the changes for the most part - but now I can't decide whether or not he needs any additional purity/crusade seals. I am particularly ambivalent about the ones I had on his neck. I like the idea of adding long flowing seals, like vestments for this chaplain, but do have to agree that the last round was overkill.

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