Monday, October 26, 2009

Commission: Blood Ravens Terminators - revisited

After sending out my original "finished" photo I got a request to break up the red on the shields. Although I'd already exceeded my original time allotment I wasn't happy with those shields either so I went ahead and added some "stone" to them. I'm reasonably pleased with the final effect and think it goes a long way to help break up the uniformity of the red.

I added the Chaplain into a couple of the shots to contrast the quality of the paint jobs and to show the squad as a whole.

All-in-all I'm still pleased with how adding the red highlights with the airbrush worked out and how the squad came together. If I had some additional time I probably would have gone in and added some extreme edge highlights to really add some contrast -- but I can't complain with how things turned out.

This one is packed and on its way

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Averland Steam Tank

One week after launching Secret Weapon Miniatures I started a new day job. I've been so busy that I haven't had much time for painting. Well bugger that!

I get together with a group of folks on most Monday nights to paint and so I finally got back to my Steam Tank. Oh, sure, I did some work on the Imperial Guard Command Squad for my trench base display... but that's beside the point!

There is a lot of work left to be done before this model matches the vision I have for it. I am going to pay special attention to the Engineer sticking out of the top - which will remain removable so I can show off the interior - since he needs to be as weathered as his vehicle.

The base still needs some "wet" mud, a layer of gloss and a bit of additional detailing. I'm happy with how it is coming together though. Likewise all of the body weathering will see some additional work - and I still have to add the decorative elements. So very much left to do.

I'm only taking this model and the Command Squad with me on Monday nights for awhile though. Hopefully this means I'll have another update next week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Commission: Blood Raven Assault Terminators

These guys are the match for the Terminator Chaplain that I finished recently.

Since I've given up painting squads at a lower standard this commission was a bit tricky for me. I had a time limit of two hours per model - not counting clean-up and construction - which isn't a lot of time even for batch painting. I saved some time by using the airbrush for the red with the following recipe:

Base Coat: 2:1 VGC "Scar Red" and VMC "Red Black"
Pre-Shade: VMC "Red Black"
First Highlight: 1:1 "Scar Red" and "Red Black"
Second Highlight: "Scar Red"
Third Highlight: 1:1 VGC "Bloody Red" and "Scar Red"

The second and third highlight were applied in one direction from the same angle. This creates a quick zenith highlight.

The rest was detailing and quick freehand. I managed a bit of a lens effect on the eyes with GW "Dark Angles Green," "Scorpion Green" and a dot of white.

The bases are Secret Weapon: Urban Streets bases. These were simply drybrushed in two shades of grey over the Foundation granite colour.

I managed to get to this stage just at the ten hour mark. I still have some clean-up to do but I am reasonably pleased with how they turned out given the time constraint. Unless I hear otherwise from the client I'll set these aside and get back to my Steam Tank...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Quick Tip: Washing Instructions

Only use cold water when cleaning your brushes. This includes using cold water in your cleaning cup or tub and on those occasions when you take a brush to the sink. Hot water will weaken the glue that holds those hairs together and shorten the life of your brush.

If you have really stubborn paint stuck in the bristles use a bit of dish washing soap, or brush cleaning soap, and cold water to clean things up.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Commission: Blood Ravens Terminator Chaplain - FINISHED

With the exception of the chunky sculpt on the ammo - which may have more to do with the mold than the sculpt - I really can't say enough good things about this model. I love it. It says "Bad Ass Chaplain" in every way.

The display base was cobbled together from a failed cast and liberal application of the belt sander. I just felt this guy needed a little something to make him stand out on the shelf when not in play. It was a surprise for the commission and I didn't charge for it.

Feedback is, as always, very welcome. The Assault Terminators are next in the queue....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winter Guard Command Squad

When I finished painting up the "Trench Works" squad display base for Secret Weapon I knew that I had to revisit my winter themed Imperial Guard. I went out and picked up a Cadian Command Squad and used it out of the box with the addition of Pig Iron heads.

The bases and display stand will all get a healthy dose of brown grass and snow before this thing is finished. I also haven't settled on how I'm going to arrange folks on the base - although I'm reasonably happy with how I have them set out at the moment.

The only conversion is on the banner arm. Unfortunately the Cadian banner is in the right hand and the regimental banner is in the left. I really wanted to use the bandaged arm, in keeping with my intended theme, which meant I had to cut the banners off of the pole and shoulder they were attached to.

I'm trying to sneak in more time on this between the current commission and all of the Secret Weapon work I'm trying to get done -- so hopefully I'll have an update soon.

Commission: Blood Ravens Terminator Chaplain

A bit of an update on the Blood Ravens Terminator Chaplain today. There's still quite a bit to do before this one is finished but I'm much happier with this set of photos. You can almost see the layering and blending on the black - not bad for my crappy little camera!

I'm not happy with the detailing on the stormbolter shells so I'll redo that. The right pauldron is finished, except for the gold, and I'm happy with how the icon and red detailing turned out. I'm also very happy with the skull helmet at this point but need to touch up the bone on his chest.

This guy is almost ready to mount to a base and I hope to have him finished this week. At this point I'm waiting for some feedback from the client before I move on.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Commision: Blood Ravens Terminator Chaplain

I'm already in love with this model. I've wanted to paint one for a long time and jumped at the opportunity to take this commission. Of course the photo isn't what I'd like it to be but it's a fair representation on how this is coming together.

The black armor on the body is finished and actually has a VGC "Terracotta" glaze over it to add a red tint. It was highlighted in four layers - only the most extreme of which seems to have made the photo.

The bone was actually built up from "Desert Yellow" and washed with the GW "Devlan Mud" wash. I added some of the wash to a 2:1 "Desert Yellow" and "Bleached Bone" mix and then added more "Bleached Bone" before adding a touch of white for the final highlight.

The gold and red have been base coated but not otherwise started yet. The eyes... well, I'm going to redo the eyes. Although it didn't show up in the photo I'm not happy with the lens effect.

I'll work on getting a better photo this weekend after I've made a bit more progress. In the interim - enjoy!