Monday, October 26, 2009

Commission: Blood Ravens Terminators - revisited

After sending out my original "finished" photo I got a request to break up the red on the shields. Although I'd already exceeded my original time allotment I wasn't happy with those shields either so I went ahead and added some "stone" to them. I'm reasonably pleased with the final effect and think it goes a long way to help break up the uniformity of the red.

I added the Chaplain into a couple of the shots to contrast the quality of the paint jobs and to show the squad as a whole.

All-in-all I'm still pleased with how adding the red highlights with the airbrush worked out and how the squad came together. If I had some additional time I probably would have gone in and added some extreme edge highlights to really add some contrast -- but I can't complain with how things turned out.

This one is packed and on its way

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Ian Taylor said...

I know its too late, but swapping that dark gray that appears in various locations on the models for a medium blue-gray would have contrasted with the red. I'm definately not an expert on color theory, but that's my two cents.