Sunday, October 18, 2009

Commission: Blood Raven Assault Terminators

These guys are the match for the Terminator Chaplain that I finished recently.

Since I've given up painting squads at a lower standard this commission was a bit tricky for me. I had a time limit of two hours per model - not counting clean-up and construction - which isn't a lot of time even for batch painting. I saved some time by using the airbrush for the red with the following recipe:

Base Coat: 2:1 VGC "Scar Red" and VMC "Red Black"
Pre-Shade: VMC "Red Black"
First Highlight: 1:1 "Scar Red" and "Red Black"
Second Highlight: "Scar Red"
Third Highlight: 1:1 VGC "Bloody Red" and "Scar Red"

The second and third highlight were applied in one direction from the same angle. This creates a quick zenith highlight.

The rest was detailing and quick freehand. I managed a bit of a lens effect on the eyes with GW "Dark Angles Green," "Scorpion Green" and a dot of white.

The bases are Secret Weapon: Urban Streets bases. These were simply drybrushed in two shades of grey over the Foundation granite colour.

I managed to get to this stage just at the ten hour mark. I still have some clean-up to do but I am reasonably pleased with how they turned out given the time constraint. Unless I hear otherwise from the client I'll set these aside and get back to my Steam Tank...

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