Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winter Guard Command Squad

When I finished painting up the "Trench Works" squad display base for Secret Weapon I knew that I had to revisit my winter themed Imperial Guard. I went out and picked up a Cadian Command Squad and used it out of the box with the addition of Pig Iron heads.

The bases and display stand will all get a healthy dose of brown grass and snow before this thing is finished. I also haven't settled on how I'm going to arrange folks on the base - although I'm reasonably happy with how I have them set out at the moment.

The only conversion is on the banner arm. Unfortunately the Cadian banner is in the right hand and the regimental banner is in the left. I really wanted to use the bandaged arm, in keeping with my intended theme, which meant I had to cut the banners off of the pole and shoulder they were attached to.

I'm trying to sneak in more time on this between the current commission and all of the Secret Weapon work I'm trying to get done -- so hopefully I'll have an update soon.


Anonymous said...

Love the poses. Have you used regular Cadian bits but sanded/filed off some of the detail on the fatigues?

I love your (Secret Weapon's) trench bases - I am trying to convince the missus to let me pick up a set for my Death Korp.

misterjustin said...

Except for swapping the banner from one arm to the other I used these guys straight out of the box. I didn't even go to my bits box.

I'm glad you like the "Trench Works" bases - they're my favorite at this point. Of course that's why I had to get some Guard on them.

Tristan said...

These guys are awesome - You wouldn't happen to have an update on these yet would you?
Really looking forward to seeing the armour filled in.

misterjustin said...

I do have an update but I don't think you're gonna like it....

3/5 of the models have been picked apart for other projects. The display is still sitting in my cabinet but it's pretty empty.

I do plan on going back to revisit the project but probably with some new models.

Tristan said...

Ah, well that happens sometimes - You mean to finish something but then get caught up doing something else.
Hopefully the project that claimed the models from this display is equally as awesome?

misterjustin said...

Sadly, no. But the models are still usable and will probably find their way back to this display sometime before too long.