Wednesday, April 23, 2008

EC Dread Redo 01

EC Dread Redo01
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This model was the first major conversion I'd ever done. I finished painting it in November of 2006 with an uninspiring mix of drybrushing and ink washes. I really like the model itself, however, and kept thinking about making another one.

When I couldn't offload this thing via eBay I decided to go ahead and simply repaint it. This time with a much more inspiring mix of glazes and subtle blending.

The arm shown here is probably 50% complete at this stage and I won't be working on it again for awhile as there are too many projects on my plate. Even though my camera makes the blending look a bit sharp I'm pleased with the result -- and the actual model looks quite a bit better.

I didn't find anything in the blog for this project but here is a link to the original work:

Warbiker 01

Warbiker 01
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With the Armored Company nearly finished (I only need to weather the Commissar tank now) and a couple of games under my belt I decided it was time to put together a "legal" army.

My favorite choices have always been Imperial Guard and Orks. With rumors continuing about major changes for Imperial Guard, complete with new models and codex, I decided it was time to pick up some Ork models and do some paint tests.

This is the first of my Ork Warbiker test models. Once again all of the paints are straight out of the pot with no colour mixing except on the skin.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the result and I'm very happy with the new Ork models. I do hope to bring out some of my twenty year old Rogue Trader Orks though... just for kicks.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Armored Company 04

Armored Company 04
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I still have a bit of finishing work to do, and dozer blade hiding in an unpacked box, but otherwise all nine tanks in the armored company are more or less... finished. Actually, honestly finished.

As much as I've enjoyed the project it will be really nice to set it aside for awhile and paint something else.

Better photos will be coming shortly. I simply felt the need to get *something* online to show that I had really completed the project prior to April 1.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with them all.