Wednesday, April 23, 2008

EC Dread Redo 01

EC Dread Redo01
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This model was the first major conversion I'd ever done. I finished painting it in November of 2006 with an uninspiring mix of drybrushing and ink washes. I really like the model itself, however, and kept thinking about making another one.

When I couldn't offload this thing via eBay I decided to go ahead and simply repaint it. This time with a much more inspiring mix of glazes and subtle blending.

The arm shown here is probably 50% complete at this stage and I won't be working on it again for awhile as there are too many projects on my plate. Even though my camera makes the blending look a bit sharp I'm pleased with the result -- and the actual model looks quite a bit better.

I didn't find anything in the blog for this project but here is a link to the original work:

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