Friday, December 25, 2009

Vostroyan Army: Leman Russ A01

I have started re-painting the first tank in my old Armored Company. This allows me to recycle those tanks AND work on the techniques I'll be using on my Games Day 2010 entry... without having to improve them while painting my Forge World model.

Sorry about the shine but there's a layer of gloss on there.

I took some step-by-step photos but I've gone back and redone much of it so I'll get a new series when I settle on the process. This guy still has quite a ways to go AND WILL BE PART OF MY ARMY! This model WILL see game play.

Feedback is very welcome and I'm happy to answer any questions. Thanks in advance!

Photos of the original Armored Company can be seen in the "Armored Company" tag.

I may still sell a couple of those tanks since they don't really fit the Vostroyan army... but for now I'm glad to have finished tanks to start painting.


Hudson said...

Excellent! My new guard army is the Vostroyans I've had waiting to get built and painted for a while as well. Looking forward to seeing more

misterjustin said...

I'm working the kinks out of a Vostroyan decal sheet - I'll post it once I'm satisfied with it. But the icons on the tank and Sentinels are all from custom decals.