Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Competition Mini: Pedro Kantor - Banner Edition!

The front of the banner is finished and the model is one step closer to being ready for the competition. I still need to do a few small things:

1. Touch up the tabard
2. Finish highlighting the storm bolter (which is now metallic blue)
3. Add mud to his feet
4. Paint the back of the banner

I really am happy with how this has come together even if the highlights/blending still miss the mark I was aiming for. There's nothing here for me to complain about and I think it'll make a nice showing in the competition.

Of course the prize support is being provided by Secret Weapon Miniatures... so I'm not sure what happens if I win. I might just need to send myself a gift certificate.

1 comment:

CJ said...

Looking very nice so far justin! Bolter is looking way better and the Banner is stunning. You also have a nack at making good pictures which will help you a lot in an online compatition :)

So best of luck on the finishing touches and be sure to show us the end result ;)

Cheers CJ

p.s. don't forget to touch up the bolter barrel muzzles. they still look unbalanced