Friday, June 22, 2007

Competition Entry: Warmachine - Skarre

This is the next competition piece for my local gaming store. This is also my first Warmachine model.

I left off the backpack skulls as I thought that they were really, really silly. The only thing I did to set this one apart otherwise was add glue to the base to simulate water.

After reading the card she comes with I really aimed for a sea witch feel. I wanted her to blend in to the ocean - with only hints of the daemonic energies that keep her afloat.

Unfortunately, once again, I have seriously under powered lights. There are six layers on the blue of her coat and no actual black. Boo hoo. I fiddled with levels (you can tell looking at the blue background) in the various shots. Someone suggested that I use the grey background instead of the blue. I'll try that and post new photos if it's an improvement.

If I understand the competition practice correctly I should know about this one in two weeks.

UPDATE: I replaced the image with a grey background version - much improved.

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