Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Khorne Terminator Lord 01

Khorne Terminator Lord 01
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My Chaos Terminator Lord and Chaos Spawn kits arrived today... and I immediately (read: as soon as I got home) pulled out the sticky goo and started in on ideas for my Khorne Lord conversion.

The right arm (his) is an Ork arm. I like the *idea* of exposed flesh on this guy and the arm is the only place I can think of. I would swap out hands to have the haft of the weapon in both hands.

The weapon would be replaced with a sculpted Daemon Weapon - something more halberd like than ax like.

The spine on his back I would cut and bend to fit the contour of his cape.

I have *considered* the idea of sculpting a chain cape for him -- or using putty and real chain, anyway, to achieve a more Khorne-like effect.

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mcdo said...

hey i love what you've done with your terminator lord. great job. im a fan of those facial tusks the terminators have. would you by any chance have a picture of your khorne terminator lord all painted?

pls post a comment on my page for a reply should you choose to.