Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Smackdown Army

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Awhile back my middle brother won Games Workshop's "'Ard Boys" regional tournament and a pile of Chaos miniatures. This spawned the


"Dooks Dizzo" being the handle he uses on a hobby/gaming forum we both frequent. The challenge was pretty simple -- he'll help me get an army together by providing some models; I'll paint them to my usual standard and have the whole thing finished by March '08. In March I'll fly up to Seattle and play three games against him.

If I fail to meet the deadline... well, life for me on that particular forum will be filled with mockery. The public nature of the challenge, and the fun of it, makes it much more likely that I'll finish.

So I'm going with a slightly themed army. Mostly recent Chaos renegades - so lots of loyalist bits and colours. The top shot shows three Space Wolves renegades (I just started the one on the left). The bottom shot shows the minis I've finished or am presently working on.

More to come...

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