Monday, October 27, 2008

Dragon 06

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Six months. I had this project on my desk for six months. It's unforgivable, really.

It is, however, finally finished.

In the end I wound up having to buy a second Dragon after I seriously botched part of the conversion. Buying that second box, however, allowed me to do three separate riders instead of magnetic head and arm swaps. I'm really happy with the freedom this gave me to make each of the riders unique.

On the Prince, with the shield, I'm quite pleased with the shield itself and how his face came out. He looks very serious and maybe just a little grumpy.

The one with the magma sword is the Dragon Mage. I used the armored body from the second box to make him look more warrior-ish. I'm quite pleased with how the sword came out. This is the client's favorite rider.

On the the Arch Mage, with the staff, I'm very, very happy with the red cloth. It looks decent in the photos but incredible in person. My ability to take photos of plastic army men is still lacking, I'm afraid.

As for the dragon itself... well, I really like it but it was SUPPOSED to come out much more green. As I applied successive washes and highlights, however, it became more and more blue. It has such a dept and range in the blue that I didn't bother to correct it though. With the yellow/green scales it all worked out.

And now it gets shipped off to its owner.

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