Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weathering Pigment: Tank Treads

I just finished a tutorial for Secret Weapon Miniatures showing you how I weather tank treads using pigments. This fantastic technique is easy to apply and takes only a few minutes to create.

Check it out on the Secret Weapon blog....


Rabidchild said...

I've been itching to give pigments a try but I'm concerned about sealing the model since a lot of historical model painters say they use pigments as the last layer. Of course they aren't playing with the models and so aren't terribly worried about it being brushed off. Any words of advice on sealing a model that has pigments on it? How to avoid frosting?

misterjustin said...

You should actually add a layer of matte sealer if you're going to be gaming with a model that includes pigments.

Of course if I'm painting a model to display quality *AND* gaming with it there are probably 4-6 layers of sealer in place by the time I'm finished.

As for avoiding frosting with your sealer... that's a whole different topic. Basically though, keep the sealer at 70*, 12" from the model, shake it thoroughly and use a LIGHT layer. Two light layers if you need to.

Keep the questions coming though. I love answering "how to" questions on weathering. LOVE IT!

Rabidchild said...

Great, thanks for the advise. Is it no more than 12", no less than 12" or exactly at 12" from the model that I should keep the sealer? Cheers for the reply.

misterjustin said...

I would say somewhere between 8-14" is fine. What you don't want to do is get so close that it's too dense a spray or too far so it's not dense enough. I realize that's all very vague... but it's something that just takes a bit of practice.

The can of spray will also usually include directions that are useful.