Sunday, October 17, 2010

584th Krieg Mechanized Interdicion Regiment

I did a lot of commission work for Niroe (he posts on the Boot Camp forum) on his Krieg army. At one point he had a set of custom icons sculpted and I still have a bunch. When I started doing my Krieg models, and needed to repair the track guard on my Artemia Hellhound, I had an idea...

And so now I'm adding to the 584th Krieg Mechanized Interdiction Regiment!

All of my vehicles will now sport the icons and I'll carry on with his fluff.

This is the first of my set-back turret Chimera conversions. I'll probably be using the Predator turret on these and I'm waiting for one to come from Battlefront Games.

This will join ranks with my Artemia Hellhound, which is where the painted icon came from at the top of the Chimera pic, and my mortar team of course.

More to come....


Col. Hessler said...

Looking good, Justin. The Chimera with the top "pushed back" is such a cool looking mod. The sad thing is that the shared brain of GW won't ever get the hint. Maybe it's better to keep them in the hands of the hobbyists, your work here is top notch.


misterjustin said...

Many thanks, mate.

The design team at GW also has to work within the constraints of existing models. They'd get just as much flack from the community for making a drastic change at this point as they will for leaving it alone. Just can't win :)