Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ask misterjustin: Painting Realistic Rock

My "realistic rock" tutorial has been a long running favorite and I've redone it a couple of times now. I figured it was finally time to get it posted in video format though and so here it is!

The technique is a bit rushed in the video as I only have 9 minutes before YouTube cuts me off. But if you want to see additional examples of the finished technique just check out the "Runic Mountain" pressure cast resin bases. I painted the whole lot of them using this technique to create differin styles.


dzer0 said...

I think this looks really good and is definitely a new idea that I may try in the future. Keep up with these great videos!

misterjustin said...

Many thanks! And remember, if you have a question you'd like to see covered just let me know.

javi said...

Great vid. I've seen that done in step by step pics and oils over an acrylic basecoat instead of doing just over the primming.

Just two things (as constructive criticism):

Sound is weird, at least for me. You sound like possessd, really fast sometimes and slo-mo voiced later on, and hence, weird.

I also think it's a great idea to add a pic of the final product risght after the vid. Vids are great for technique showing and still pics for seeing the results of the given method in high definition.

Thanks for outting that up, cheers!

misterjustin said...

javi - this is one I'm either going to redo or re-voice. The sound is all kinds of off and I'm not sure what happened.

Thanks for the input - and I'll make a point of adding a finished pic at the beginning and end of videos in the future.