Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Artemia Pattern Hellhound

I've always wanted to paint one of the Artmia Pattern Hellhound models from Forge World. When I added a Hellhound to my army list this month I finally had the excuse I was looking for. Of course my list calls for a pintle stubber... and I forgot that this model can't take one. Oops.

Anyway, on with the show:

The model was washed and then primed with Krylon white primer. After that dried I painted the model black using Games Workshop "Chaos Black" and an airbrush.

The fuel tank was airbrushed GW "Dark Flesh" and then splatter sprayed with "Desert Yellow." This will form the basis for the rust later.

The tracks were taped to avoid painting them grey. In this pic you can also see a set of "Runic Mountain" bases that got rejected -- I won't ship a base with that many bubbles on the bottom :)

The model was base coated GW "Codex Grey" and then painted "Fortress Grey" from the top and 45* on each side. Lastly a spot of "Elf Flesh" was added to the "Fortress Grey" paint to create panel highlighting on the top.

The fuel bay was based GW "Desert Yellow" and then a mix of "Commando Khaki" and "Bleached Bone." I did this to help the fuel bay, which is largely hidden by the fuel tank, stand out a bit and add some additional visual interest.

Using hairspray and salt to mask the rust colours I painted the fuel tank in the same greys as the body of the vehicle. I weathered the top of the fuel tank, where it would be banged during refilling, very heavily. The right photo shows the section closest to the body of the vehicle where it would corrode but receive very little additional damage.

The base coated model with fuel tank in place.

The fuel bay was weathered with sponge applied chipping, oils and pigments. As a final step I mixed up some "oil" and ran it into the bay from the top corners to simulate runoff from refilling the fuel tank. It is, of course, almost entirely hidden once the fuel tank is in place... but it was fun to do anyway.

Unfortunately I forgot to order my Krieg transfer sheet so this is where I'm going to have to stop the model for awhile. Before I move on to anything else I need to get the decals in place. Oops.

My total painting time at this stage is a little more than 2 hours, possibly creeping up on 3.

Feedback is ALWAYS welcome and questions will be answered.


Marcus said...

Very nice work, I love the spilled oil effect in the bay. As well as some Kreig transfers it needs a no smoking sign on it somewhere. :)

misterjustin said...

I actually thought about adding "NO SMOKING" in brass letters... but forgot. I also forgot to add the tank serial number in brass. Oops.

DrGabe said...

Justin- I love the tank! The oil spill in the carrier bay is pure awesome. The salt/hair spray effect looks great- I'll have to give that a try on my next tank. It will look great once you get your decals in place.

misterjustin said...

Thanks for the comment. I'll get updates posted as I can as there are a few things I can do before the decals get here.