Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Krieg Mortar Team

The base will be finished with pigments and all of the models and bits need to be weathered to match - but I have to stop for the day and thought I'd throw up some pics.

Should I add "wet" snow to the finished base?

I'm a big fan of modeling snow. I'd like to put my Krieg in snow but I'm wondering if folks out there think it will take away from the models.

I'd make it very wet looking snow to blend in with the mud, of course, but...

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


AbusePuppy said...

So pretty! Did you make the base yourself, then?

I personally think snow is a bit overused- unless you're doing the rest of your army with it I would avoid it. If you are, though, a light sprinkling around the front and top of the sandbags could look nice, though.

misterjustin said...

That's a trick question, AbusePuppy. I did make the base myself but it's one of the bases I made for the "Trench Works" line of Secret Weapon resin bases :)

I probably would use snow on the rest of the army. My Vostroyans all have snow on them and I do enjoy modeling snow... but, yeah, I agree that it's getting to be a bit overused. Especially since there are so few snow tables!

Thanks for the comment.

Da_Sub said...

Exactly the reason I am transforming all my terrain over to snow terrain!

I do like these Mr J. very much so. I think that a few little wet, slushy patches may counterbalance the generally dark look of the rest.

Mr.Esty said...

Look at those big coats they're wearing! I vote for a little wet snow + mud, make them miserable ;)

but do let that base show through a little bit too.

also, if this is your second snow-themed army; you should start on some snowy terrain for a snow table.

misterjustin said...

Thanks for the comments.

Some snow terrain probably isn't a bad idea - especially since I'll probably need a table of my own soon. We have a new baby in the house and I suspect I'll be getting out a little less often now :)

AbusePuppy said...

Oooh, tricksy. I do really like the Secret Weapon bases, guess I didn't recognize it offhand- kudos for making it look so good.

Also congrats on the child unit- make sure to get us some pics of your board when you finish, if it's anything like this stuff it'll be a sight to see.

misterjustin said...

I've wanted to make a table for a long time... but it's a daunting task. Given my nit-picking over terrain and scale it would probably drive me bonkers!

Thanks for the compliment on the base - and the kiddo :)