Wednesday, November 29, 2006

WIP - Ultramarines Captain - "Final"

My wife is beginning to think that I'm crazy. As I improve the models I'm interested in painting are taking longer and longer to finish -- but are, of course, packed with a greater and greater degree of detail. Now when I talk to the award winning painters and find out they'll spend at least 45 minutes on a face I'm not as surprised.

This guy was a lot of fun and bits of him are certainly the best work that I have done to date. There are a few little things that I would like to go in and change but I know better than to fiddle with him at this point. Putting him down is the hardest part though.

Size comparison: the circle on the banner is smaller than a dime and is just a touch over .25 inch. The little man, including his base, is 1.25 inches tall.

Now it's on to the next piece - and forcing myself to finish the pieces on my table that I am no longer interested in. I also got another shipment of tanks and vetrans on commissions which are going to be fun to paint. YAY HOBBY!

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