Thursday, November 30, 2006

First testemonial....

After such a long break from painting (probably close to 14 years) it has been a lot of fun getting back in to this. That I was able to find a great client not long after getting back in to the hobby has only made it better. Especially when that client turns out to be one hell of a guy and says things like:
As an artist and a businessman, MisterJustin is a complete professional. His constant goal is to satisfy his customer to the fullest and he does so by his extraordinary talent, patience, and a vision to understand what the desires of his customer really are. I invest too much time and money into this hobby to have something done without real effort. After having him paint some of my pieces, I'll never look elsewhere. His level of quality and care is unrivaled.—Bill N.
Good thing I've been drinking, otherwise I'd blush!

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