Friday, December 1, 2006

Project Update - Grenadier "Ultimate Dragon"

After someone showed me Forgeworld's incredible "Fire Dragon" I had to go and did one of my old dragons out of a box. The largest, and most visually impressive, of those was the "Ultimate Dragon" from Grenadier - circa early 1990s.

I spent several days filing, pinning and gap filling. At this point I have probably put 4-6 hours in to prep and 6-10 in painting. I had started with drybrushing and washes to pick out highlights on the scales -- but just wasn't getting the effects I wanted. I am now painting each individual scale.

At this stage I consider his face (and only his face) close to finished. I do think that I'm going to change the colour of the small scales next to his mouth. I also need to finish his tounge but then I'm going to leave the face alone for awhile so I don't over-correct it.

The rest of the model has a long, long way to go.

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