Saturday, December 16, 2006

Teronus the Ultimate Dragon - Finished

I got the finishing touches on my old Grenadier dragon last night. I hope to get some detail shots up within the next couple of days but, for now, I have the completed project up on Flickr.

I used the baking soda method for the snow - although I would have used microbeads if I'd had time to get to the shop before my deadline. This one goes out tonight as a birthday/holiday gift. I am still happy with the end result and, if you look closely, you should be able to spot the resin drool coming out of his jaw. Much fun.

It was nice to get away from the sci-fi painting universe and pick up a model I had started... 20 years ago? Somewhere between 15 and 20 anyway.

I will also get a before/after view up at some point as well.

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