Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Black Templar - Army Blog Update

I got home too tired to really paint tonight so I decided to do some modeling for my army with the few BT bits I have on hand. Having made the two test models that I debuted with my magnetic commander I was, however, out of Black Templar torsos.

I found a Company Champion torso in my bits box and decided that it was perfect usable in my BT army - and perfectly unique enough in the scheme to fit for a character model. And so... here is the "Emperor's Champion" model for my 750 point Black Templar army.

My goal with the army is to use only existing GW pieces off of the sprue with no conversion, no sculpting and no plasticard additions. I really want to see what the GW plastic models are capable of... and so far I'm pretty happy with the results.

I'm waiting on a bits order to get the BT bolt pistol for his right hand. I will use one of the BT shoulders on that side and, of course, more decorative bits. So far he's up to 11 purity/crusade seals -- and I found a BT backpack topper in my bits box.

Of course I'm so happy with this piece that I will probably make a new body for my magnetic commander. If he's going to be the centerpiece of my army I figure he ought to be at least half as bad ass as this guy.

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