Monday, March 19, 2007

I finally (finally!) have an update image on my magnetic Black Templar commander. This is the model that I will be entering in to the Relic competition (with only 2 weeks to go, eep!) -- and what will become the centerpiece of my 750 point army.

Yup, I'm finally (finally!) going to give playing a try again. The last time I played we were all being amused by the new 2nd edition rule set. Ah, those were the days. So now I have a couple of 750 point lists drawn up and hope to hit the tables this summer. The last shot in this image shows the commander with twin lightning claws next to two test models.

The next image is just a sample from the Black Templar dreadnought I've been working on. I haven't done anything but the two weapons -- and I'm not sure I'll use them if I actually build a list.

Regardless of whether or not I wind up fielding this army I think it'll be a good exercise -- and if nothing else it will be good practice.

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