Friday, February 26, 2010

Blood Angels Venerable Dreadnought

My local nerd store asked me to paint up their plastic Venerable Dreadnought preview and I jumped at the opportunity. With the new Blood Angels codex and models on the horizon I decided it would be an opportunity to play with more red paint.

I still have some work to do - and I desperately need better photos so you can see the chipping - but I have to say that I really, really like the model itself.

It is, of course, standing on a base from Secret Weapon Miniatures because a little plug for my baby company never hurts!


oni said...

Nice work. I too love the new dreadnought model.

tQstudios said...

Looks great, mate. How much taller is the Ven dread then a regular one?

misterjustin said...

@tQstudios: I don't have a regular Dreadnought to compare it against - but I don't think it's any taller.