Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Skaven Warlord - Shading the Cloth

The moment I saw the new Skaven Warlord in the "Island of Blood" box set I knew I had to have one. In fact I knew I'd have to drop everything and get one painted.

I eeked out a couple of hours today to base coat the flesh and start the shading on the cloth. I tried the first highlight as well but I'm going to scrap the highlight and redo it.

What I'm debating now is whether or not the cloth actually needs to come darker at the bottom. What you see is mostly what you get though -- the photo was taken with top and front lighting. With the exception of a slight shadow in the top pic from his cleaver the painting is, for my first time, not too off in the photo!

I love this model. I can't say it enough. The new "Island of Blood" models are incredible. My bits order included the Warlock too - but I'm not as excited by that.

Feedback welcomed. Questions answered.

-- misterjustin


oni said...

I would probably make the fade a little darker at the bottom. Skaven are dirty and walk close to the ground so the cloth in my opinion would filthy at the bottom edges, not just brown.

misterjustin said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'm leaning that direction myself - especially since the highlighting won't hit the sides, just his knee and butt.