Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rethinking the site....

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Things are going well for Secret Weapon Miniatures and I have a son on the way. There simply hasn't been much time to paint.

This has given me an opportunity to think about and what I'd like to do with it. In the hope that some of my readers, and now 85 followers, will share an opinion I give you part of my vision:

An "ask misterjustin" segment. This would start monthly and focus on a question on techniques sent in from readers. I love making tutorials and I'd really like to make a regular thing of it. This would likely include video.

If I can get enough interest in this segment I will archive the current posts (all of them) so that the new labels are easier to navigate.

I'll still post what I'm working on but I'll focus on the techniques I'm using rather than just "here's a model" posts.

So, what say you, my invisible audience, do you want me to launch an "ask misterjustin" blog?


R. said...

Well - I'm always up for good tutorials, (though I'd prefer non-video) but I have to say I don't follow all these little blogs all the time, so I would likely miss most of them.

I just scroll down on BoLS and see the headlines and click on any that sound interesting. (Or in your case - I go "oh that's right, Mr. J has a site and click - I normally follow your work on the Relicnews forums that we frequent).

Maybe it would be a better use of your time to craft some nice tutorials and get them posted/hosted at the bigger sites instead of maintaining a seperate blog.

misterjustin said...

R. you make a good point about posting the tutorials to a larger site instead - but we tried it on ++ FTW ++ and it was like pulling teeth to get requests. I haven't posted there in months now.

I'll ponder this while I consider re-purposing

Thanks for the comment!!!

Papa JJ said...

Tutorials would be great, especially if set up so that they're easy to find. Videos load very slowly for me so I don't watch much online and when I do there's still usually sound problems. My preferred format is therefore just the basic text with photo illustrations but really anything is helpful. Congrats on staying busy with the business and the inbound son, good news all around!

Tinweasel said...

I'm always up for new tutorials and presentations on sites I regularly frequent, but I have to admit that I've never actually watched a video presentation in its entirety. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I like having the opportunity to read through stuff and look at pics at my leisure (or even printing up good example photos for later reference) as opposed to having to rewind through particular areas of interest several times just to "get it."

That being said, I'm not biased against video tutorials and will have to think up something I'd really like to see presented - probably something along the lines of weathering or adding "realistic" effects to figures, as that seems to be the direction I'm always leaning in my painting nowadays.

I think I've said it elsewhere, but in case not - Congratulations!