Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ultramarines Tactical Squad

I started work on this Tac Squad for the annual Relic forum competition. I'm using it as an excuse to try zenithal highlighting with an airbrush and to showcase the helmet crest conversion bits from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

The fourth photo down, of the Tac Marine without his gun, does a decent job of showing the airbrushed highlights. Using an airbrush is an easy way to create smooth transitions for directional lighting. The style isn't for everyone but I'm a fan.

I have also included a shot of the sergeant with his squad to show the combination of the Greek and small Roman style helmet crests in action together.


Anonymous said...

I like the paint job, I have not tried air brushing a Marine come to think of it I have not air brushed anything. I really dont think I have the skill to even begin lol

misterjustin said...

Airbrushing isn't as tough as folks tend to think it is. There are certainly techniques within airbrushing that require a lot of practice to master - but you could learn to do simple zenithal highlights in just a few attempts.

I love my airbrush and probably 80% of the use I put it to requires no particular skill.

Check out "The Painting Corps" for an excellent intro to airbrushes - or email me for some recommendations if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Going to stick with eth brush for my current project as I want the force to have the same look. I would like to try in for my next painting project, more space marines but this time imperial fists, do you egt good results with yellow?

misterjustin said...

I would go so far as to say that using an airbrush is the only way to paint yellow. You simply can't get smooth, even coverage from a brush without going out and buying proper artist grade acrylic -- and even then you're better off using an airbrush.

Anonymous said...

Right I have an air brush it not an expensive one (around £8) and for the moment I will bve using propelant cans and I will see how i get on. Would you use GW yellow or go with another brand?

misterjustin said...

GW yellow isn't bad but for the best results you'll still want to pick up a more expensive artist brand.

Yellow pigment is one of the most expensive - and since GW doesn't want different prices for their colors they just use less pigment.

It works with an airbrush though and I use it regularly.

Col. Hessler said...

So, using this airbrush technique, will you back in for a second highlight with the airbrush? With a standard brush? Or leave it as is? Also how do handle any shading? Cool post.


misterjustin said...

There are actually two highlights on the model. I'm using the tutorial from Winterdyne to pull this off:

I like his work enough that I now offer him a 15% discount on Secret Weapon products for his clients :)

I'll get better pics of the squad so you can really see the blending. The technique produces a result on these models that is nearly black on one side and bright blue on the other - with smooth blending between.

I have done some additional shading such as the panel lines and such with a thin black wash.