Monday, June 22, 2009

Quick Tip: Brush Tub

From the Warp asked the hobby blogger community to submit "your one best painting tip." Mine isn't strictly painting but since it's my most shared tip RELATED to painting I'm putting it forward for the thread.

The photo is a three cavity painting tub. I picked this one up at Michael's Arts & Crafts in the USA for $1.99 -- although I wasn't able to find one on their website. It is, without exception, the only thing other than paints, brushes and models that I think every hobby painter MUST OWN.

This will extend the life of your brushes dramatically. Add a bit of brush cleaning soap - some people use regular dish soap - in the big chamber and it's even better. If I had to give up all of my fancy gadgets and tools but for one this is what I'd keep.

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Tinweasel said...

Hey, my wife bought me the exact same one as a Christmas gift (I'd imagine it was from Michael's, too!) Although I haven't done any actual painting since about the beginning of December or so, it's nice to hear that the tub works well and ought to fit right in nicely with my usual brush/painting equipment cleaning routine. Right now I use an assortment of both tall and short baby food jars for holding brush water, soapy water for my measuring syringes, pre-mixed thinner, etc. (Hey, we had quite a few left over from our daughter when I got back into painting, and now... well, they're cheap!) With 3 wells in the tub, I ought to be able to at least free up a few jars' worth of space on my painting desk with something much harder for the cats to spill.