Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick Tip: Gloss vs. Flat Sealer

A gloss sealer will give the model a smooth, glass like finish; a flat or matte sealer has a rougher texture. But Gloss and flat sealers do more than change the finish on a model.

For instance, decals are easier to apply, and will last longer, on a gloss surface.

Here's a quick breakdown of which surface is better for various techniques:

Overall washesOil filters
DecalsPanel line washes
Protect acrylicsDrybrushing
Oil filter (dot method)

Knowing which sealer to apply for which technique will help you decide in which order to apply weathering techniques.

For instance you should always apply a gloss layer before and after applying decals. However putting gloss over pigments/pastels will likely make most of your effort disappear.


Uncle Puck said...

Good tip, MisterJ. I also like to add matte (usually a spray to cover the whole miniature) as a second coat to dull that shiny finish.

Of course, if you want gems, metals or glass monitors to shine, you can do the reverse, and paint a gloss over matte as well.

~ Pax ~

misterjustin said...

A gloss spray for hardness, followed by a matte spray to reduce shine, also does a great job of protecting models that will spend a lot of time on gaming tables.