Sunday, November 8, 2009

Competition Mini - Power Fist Redo

The longer I stared at the power first the more I realized that while the blending was good the highlighting didn't provide enough contrast. I've added several new highlights and actually did bring it up to GW Blazing Orange - even going so far as to add a touch of white.

The white accents - being the laurels and skulls - still need some work. And I'm likely to add a bit more highlighting to the fingers. The freehand on his shoulder spells "RYNN," the homeworld of the Crimson Fists, but I'm not pleased with how it turned out and will redo it. Hopefully I can come up with something more interesting to freehand there too.

I am much happier with the model at this point. I have now spent more time on this power fist than I do on most of my models. I hope that the effort shows when it gets to the competition.


Rogue Pom said...

The fist is much improved over the last WIP shot - I didn't want to comment on that as it felt a bit too WIP.

Only criticism is the fist above the laurels - it may just be the lighting on the pictures, but a few of the fingers don't seem to have the same level of highlighting applied.

Otherwise bang up job.

misterjustin said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure what to do about the fist above the laurels at this point. The highlights ARE different but only because the thumb is much higher than the fingers. Most of the fingers are also under the pauldron where they wouldn't get as much light...

But I feel it needs more definition somehow. I just don't know what yet.

Alan said...

You mighttry topaint the recessed areas to either side of the fist, inside the laurels the Blue of the shoulder paldron. This might make the Fist and Laurels 'pop' a little more.

misterjustin said...

Alan, I'm going to try that tonight and see how it works out. Someone also suggested painting the entire cuff blue.

Personally I like the big red cuff so I'll try just filling in the area behind the fist on the fist and see how it works out.