Saturday, November 14, 2009

Warhound Titan - Left Leg

I did some trading with master model builder Psypath awhile ago and am finally getting around to painting this fantastic piece. This is the left leg of a Warhound Titan, scratch build of course, done in a three colour block urban camo scheme. I will do all of the shading with oils and most of the highlighting with the dot filter method.

I'm not going to do a lot of weathering on this guy beyond a bit of chipped paint on the toes and seams. I plan to keep it pretty simple and try to keep from getting carried away on the fluffy techniques. It is, after all, intended for the tabletop so I don't want weathering powders falling off anyway.

The camo was applied in three layers, over a grey primer, using masking tape. There was a bit of bleeding that I need to clean up but I am otherwise pretty pleased with the result. I'm excited to see how it looks with some detailing....


Rick said...

The beige blocks look too perfectly square and bright to me, they jump out too much (imo) for camoflauge.

misterjustin said...

The camo scheme was inspired by WWI battleships. I modified the colours using modern urban tank camo colours. Although I was originally going to paint the whole model like this the body and arms will now be blue-grey to create an artificial horizon. It's as close to an urban camo scheme something 72' tall is going to get.

Of course I'll come back in with some dot filter weathering and that will mute everything down quite a bit.