Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Skaven Warlord - Shading Armor & Skin

With the cloth more or less settled I have moved on to shading the bronze armor and his skin. My goal is to have a largely monochromatic model and using the same green on the armor as I did on the cloth has helped.

My feeling at this point is that I need to go back and really re-touch the base colour on the armor. It's too green and the transition is too sharp. I am very pleased with how keeping the light on the armor near his face has helped to draw the eyes there though.

The top shot gives a fair look at the actual shading on the helmet. It was taken with two lamps positioned to eliminate natural shadows. I made the crest very dark to help draw additional emphasis to the model's face.

I might go back and add some additional layers of shadow to the cloth in the folds closest to his belt line. The base colour seems to cover too much of the side there and I want more stark separation.

So next up: more of the same, really. It's all about back-and-forth at this stage.

(you'll notice three new tags in this post - Blending, Metallics and Skin - that will follow this model to the new blog format in coming months. I will focus less on specific types of model and more on specific techniques and PARTS of models.)

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Uthn said...

Really like what you've done with the cloth, looks real good. Face should need a focus though, red eye is too close from the skin tones if you ask me, why not go for a 'focal' colour ? (ie. Warpstone green or pale blue)