Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Forge World Executioner - Color Test 01

This isn't the Executioner. This is one of several Leman Russ that I have laying about. I decided to pull a couple of them out of my army transport bag and start doing some color tests.

On this first I like the recipe but think I applied the second highlight much too heavily. Much, much too heavily. I'm going to set this one aside for my weathering workshop on Friday and get another one ready to spray later this week.

I won't let paint touch the Executioner until I'm happy with a color test though. Nope, no sir. Not gonna happen.


Col. Corbane said...

OK, so you've got spare tanks for practising colour scheme, now I'm really envious.

misterjustin said...

By "spare" I mean my Armored Company. I've already repainted 2/4 of the standard Leman Russ to match my Vostroyan colours. I've pulled one of the other two for this colour test and will then re-re-re-re-re-paint it in the Vostroyan colours after I'm happy with the Krieg scheme.