Sunday, March 28, 2010

Imperial Guard Kill Team

I've been working on armies off and on for a few years now - and I still don't have one I can game with regularly. To help correct that, and give me a chance to learn the rules, I've put together two kill team lists. One uses 25 of my Vostroyan infantry and the other, shown here, is an 11 man hitter:

Vet squad w/ Harker (2 flamers)

I don't have Marbo in the picture because I haven't started painting him and I'm shy one flamer so the other vet is standing by.

Because I might eventually use these models with my Vostroyans they're being done in the same colours but with Cadian bodies and Pig Iron heads to help differentiate them.


Max said...

One thing that I've found about Marbo in Kill Team is that he can be a bit of a glass cannon. Deploy him somewhere safe for his first turn, then run him out to start murdering people. All the cover will make his demo charge and sniper pistol less effective, but if he can get into melee he should do all right.

Also, good looking Harker!

Blitzspear said...

Nice kill team mister j

misterjustin said...

Thanks for the tip, Max. I do plan to keep him reasonably well hidden and try to get the demo charge off early -- then stab, run, stab, run, repeat :)

Thanks for the comment, Blitzspear!

Tristan said...

Where did you get all the heavy weapon backpacks for this squad? I'm putting together an IG army and I love the look that the heavy weapon packs give the guardsmen - More geared up and ready for a long campaign.
Did you just buy a ton of ebay or were they relatively easy to cast?

misterjustin said...

I traded for the plastic packs - although I will be swapping them out for the Secret Weapon backpacks now: