Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weathering Workshop - Sacramento, CA

Friday 26-March @ 6:30 PM

Great Escape Games and Secret Weapon Miniatures are presenting a FREE model weathering workshop. Justin "misterjustin" McCoy, founder of Secret Weapon, will be in the shop to present a one hour introduction to working with weathering pigments that will include:

* Pigments vs. Pastels
* What to look for in a pigment
* Basic application - dry
* Using a thinner to set pigments
* Using a liquid fixative to set pigments
* Achieving realistic dust/dirt
* Achieving realistic rust
* Weathering tracks and tires
* Weathering metal and engines
* Weathering exhausts and gun muzzles
* Weathering infantry

Participants are invited to bring a model for demonstration purposes. This model should have all of the basic painting completed - although some demonstration can be done on a primed model.

For more information send an email to misterjustin at Secret Weapon Miniatures dot com or leave a comment with your contact information.

I will also have product samples on hand - and although I will have two models for the demonstration my hope is to use what attendees bring with them. Everyone should get a chance to try the materials and techniques and I will stick around for a bit after the workshop for some 1:1 assistance.

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