Saturday, June 19, 2010

Storm Wardens: Land Raider pt. 2

My contribution to the Storm Wardens Charity Project is well on its way. There's still time for you to contribute and get a chance to win the entire army. Check out the links on the right to see what the rest of the team - including some big names! - are up to.

As for the model... please forgive the shine - I put down a layer of clear gloss before applying the pigments and the model is very, very shiny. It's finally starting to come together though and I should have it finished early next week.

While I was working on this I remembered a quick tip for working with tank treads: if there's a track guard in place the FRONT tracks will be clean and shiny except in the deepest recesses. Save your heavy weathering for the back of the tank. The track guard will rub the track clean and what you'll be left with up front is a small amount of dirt and rust.

When I finish the rest of the basic detailing I'll come back and apply the pigment weathering to the sides and back of the tank. I'm using "Burning Sands" as the primary colour to help the model work with the pressure cast resin bases - "Flagstone" - that the entire army is standing on.

More to come as I have time.

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