Friday, June 11, 2010

Storm Wardens: Secret Weapon Mini-Drawing

As part of the "Storm Wardens Charity Project" I'm donating a $50 gift certificate to the Secret Weapon store. If you have already donated then you're automatically entered to win - if you enter today there's still time to get your name into the randomizer!

Every $1 you contribute gives you another chance to have your name drawn for this $50 gift certificate - AND YOU CAN STILL WIN THE ARMY!

Head over to Santa Cruz Warhammer, our organizer in chief, for complete details on the mini-drawing as well as an exclusive coupon!

All of the contributions will go to benefit "Doctors Without Borders" and there are some incredible names getting behind this project. Don't miss you chance to win an incredible army and support a worthy charity.


FoxPhoenix135 said...

Great cause! I've donated to a couple other project members but I thought I would throw a couple more dollars your way as well. Is there a prize among you for who gets the most pledges? Well +1 for you going the extra step and pledging that gift certificate. Let's not forget the reason behind the project! Doctors without Borders is a great charity to donate to, I am very pleased with your choice.

misterjustin said...

No internal contest - but a fun idea. I'm sure I'd lose to FTW or Dave Taylor though.

All of the money goes to the same place - and I very much agree on the worthiness of the charity. We're very happy with the response so far and look forward to more!