Saturday, June 12, 2010

Storm Wardens: Land Raider

In addition to contributing bases for the army and a $50 gift certificate, both through Secret Weapon Miniatures, I am also painting up this Land Raider. The model itself was donated by John of Santa Cruz Warhammer and came to me in a satin green finish.

I have finished the base and highlight blues - using Regal and Enchanted blues in the airbrush - and am now moving on to the silver and detailing. You can rest assured that the model will receive a full compliment of weathering making use of my recent tutorial techniques so that folks can see them on something other than bases.

There is still plenty of time to contribute and enter to win your chance to win this model AND A COMPLETE STORM WARDENS ARMY! All of the proceeds go to benefit Doctors Without Borders. If that's not enough for you then every week you will be automatically entered into one of the mini-drawings.

Really, this project just kicks ass. You should be a part of it! Come on, spend $1 for your chance to win AND feel good about doing it!

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