Sunday, September 13, 2009

Averland Steam Tank - The Base

WIP shots on the base for the steam tank.

The white in the first image is PVA that will dry clear to form a small stream. There are rocks and texture beneath the PVA to add to the effect.

The second shot shows the depth at which the wheels will be submerged in "mud" - an effect that I'll add to by adding more dirt and then coating everything with gloss.

The third image gives a glimpse of the track ruts... and the rough edge of the putty that I still need to file. I moved the model itself to the extreme front of the base so that some of the detail will be visible after I attach the s'tank.

The last photo is a WIP shot of teeny tiny cattails. After the glue dries I'll prime and paint them before adding paper leaves and attaching them to the base around the stream... under the tank. Yup, nearly invisible detailing. Why? Because it should be there.


Rogue Pom said...

Nutter - It's detailing like that that make this hobby of ours an artform. Congrats - it looks great.

misterjustin said...

Many, many thanks. I need to make time to get back to this one but I've been stalled by a lack of scenic grass!