Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Commissioned Forge World Vulture 01

I got back from a two week holiday on Monday and started work on a new commission.

The yellow recipe was painted with an airbrush using:

GW "Golden Yellow" (GY)
GY + VMC "Light Yellow" (LY) 2:1
GY + LY 1:1

This was shaded with a glaze of GW "Dark Flesh" generously thinned and likewise applied with the airbrush. Preshading was done with a mix of black and GW "Dark Green" with just a tiny touch of the latter.

Photos were taken in natural, diffused light. Lack of shadows in the backgrounds gives an idea of how the shading/highlighting actually turned out. The last two images do a good job of showing the more subtle transitions.

Decals and the engine are next - weathering will come later.


pangloss said...

that looks nice. i absolutely dread doing light colours, especially on large surfaces.

misterjustin said...

The airbrush made this a breeze - no pun intended.

scdarkangel said...

very nice, great results.

I need to dig out the old airbrush and get practicing.

Santa Cruz Warhammer

Kevin U said...

Very nice.

I hate hand brushing yellows (and I have a Yellow /White SM and a Yellow / Green Eldar Army ). So I always use the airbrush to lay down the base color.

misterjustin said...

Ditto that - even the yellow helmets on my Swords of Sanguinius army are a pain. My sympathies to you for your two yellow schemed armies.

I'm pleased enough with this recipe that I'm thinking about trying a squad of Imperial Fists though....