Monday, September 21, 2009

Video Tutorial: Salt Chip Weathering

With Secret Weapon Miniatures up and running I finally had a few minutes today to get the oft' requested tutorial on salt chip weathering put together.

This is just a very quick look at salt chip weathering using Krylon aerosol sprays for the base coat and the top layer. I would normally do all of the painting with my airbrush so that I could shade and highlight while I was working, but just wanted to demonstrate the basics for this technique.

If you're trying this with an airbrush for the first time let me stress one important point: wait a LONG TIME for your paint to dry! If you try to rinse off the salt too early you can easily wash all of your hard work away in the process. If you have the patience let the model sit over night in a warm, dry environment - but at least give it a couple of hours.


King's Standard Bearer said...

thanks for the tutorial dude, really nice stuff

misterjustin said...

My pleasure. I enjoy making them and it gives me a nice break in my usual routine.

Cannonfodder said...

Nice, thanks!