Saturday, September 26, 2009

Commissioned Forge World Vulture - FINISHED!

Barring any changes, corrections or additional weathering requests from the client this bad boy is finally finished.

I'm very pleased with the overall result and will be re-using this yellow recipe on future projects. The shading really pops and allows for some decent weathering effects.

The cockpit is fully detailed although painted to a lower standard than the rest since it won't be visible through the black frosted glazing.

There are a couple of little things I might have done differently if this were my model. Namely more decoration on the wings - stripes or aquila wings most likely - and perhaps some checkers somewhere. I don't know why but this thing really screams out for some black/white checkers to me. Red/white checkers might work too.

Maybe I'll use this as inspiration for an Imperial Fist vehicle or a Bad Moons stompa...

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